Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Yesterday morning, Greystoke woke up just before my alarm rang. He especially likes to be cuddled in the early morning. Sometimes if I am already up when he wakes up, he will point to the pillow and cry and insist that I lie back down and snuggle him.
So yesterday morning I pulled him close and nursed him back to sleep, and rolled him back into his crib trying to buy myself just a few quiet minutes to get ready for work....
But the minute I turned the shower on, I heard him stirring and complaining.
I was tired. No coffee yet. No shower yet. I consider myself a morning person, but still, I am a quiet morning person. I smiled at him and picked him up and he smiled back. We took a shower together. He wouldn't let me set him down...he never does....but he's my baby, so I don't mind. We didn't say a word to each other, even though he's been bursting with words lately....

I think he is a quiet morning person too.

I held him with one hand and washed my hair with the other. As I did, he watched in concentration and copied every move I made. When I squeezed the soap out onto my hand, he held his hand out flat too. When I rubbed it into my hair, he rubbed his sparse white hair too. When I leaned back into the water, he tried to lean back into it too. When I brushed my teeth he opened his mouth and rubbed his teeth with the side of his finger. He didn't smile until I spit out the toothpaste. He always likes that part.
Neither of us said a word as we left the shower. I rubbed him all over with the towel and he showed me that he wanted me to wrap him up with the towel, and when I had, I set him on the counter in front of me so I could get dressed.

We started talking not long after that. There was a lot to pack...water bottles for backpacks and my lunch, and bottles and caps for the pump, and diapers for the diaper bag. And then Aquaman came thumping down the stairs, and Greystoke squealed with his usual delight, and then Greystoke stood outside the door to the bedroom where JT was sleeping and yelled "DaaDEEEE" until I let him in to give Daddy a kiss because JT worked 2 days in a row of 18-20 hours a day and all the boys were starting to wonder if he still existed. He kissed Daddy and then waved and said "byeee" as we headed down the stairs to pack up the car.

I couldn't get that shower out of my head all day though, and I don't really know why, except that I needed to write it down because I want to always remember it.

My boys are all so different....from each other....from me.
We had a tiring weekend because Daddy was working a ridiculous number of hours and because The Dude seems to have a sinus infection which exacerbates his asthma which all in all makes him sleep a little more and cry a LOT more. And Aquaman has been feeling a lot of frustration lately about never getting a break from the exhausting Dude "except when I'm at school, and that's not a break!", and I also realized over the weekend that Aquaman who has been more and more resisting outdoor activities and therefore the TONS of exercise he used to get...is making himself crabby by avoiding exercise. Because for whatever reason my little math brained way too competitive to enjoy anything organized 1st grader was also wired with a high activity level requirement...and we are going to have to find a way to fulfill it if he is not going to be just one great big ball of stress.

And if I'm not going to be one too.

The beach is good for that.

At one point on Sunday when the big boys were fighting AGAIN I went upstairs to my bedroom to pray and ask God for wisdom on how to deal with these crazy boys, and when I came back down, I found Greystoke sitting on the stairs feasting on a stick of butter he found in the refrigerator.

I love being a mom.

The answer was a timeout in separate rooms for the older 2 that lasted until time for the birthday party where we were headed, and by the time they finished riding scooters and eating cupcakes and getting body slammed by the waves they were like different little boys.

The ocean is our dear dear friend.
Greystoke almost got sucked out to sea and he smiled the whole way out, certain that I would fetch him, and completely unaware of any danger, and while I suppose that should worry me....he's only 17 months old. He has plenty of years to learn about all the things out there that will hurt him.

 I'm debating taking The Dude to urgent care tonight if he's still not better, because I want him to feel good for our trip to Legoland on Thursday.
My best friend is flying 4 kids to Florida all the way from Wyoming next week and I can't wait to see her.

So that's it. Nothing profound. Just fights and butter eating and warm quiet showers and drippy noses and barking coughs and Legos and best friends.

Greystoke slept in this morning and I took a shower by myself. It was good because after work yesterday we had dinner at the pool and then went to the beach, and then JT had to dig a foot long splnter out of Aquaman's foot and then it was bedtime for the boys and I was too tired to make lunches and pack bags for tomorrow. Aquaman's writing homework got done, but his reading didn't, But since it was the first time the boys have seen JT in a few days, it was worth it.

Off to work.

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