Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rain on a Sun Day

I don't have much to say today, and the house is screaming for attention.
But I have a few minutes, and way too many pictures to stay completely quiet much longer so here I am. The big boys are on their way to AWANA with Gramma, JT is at his first day back  as a side-job banquet server at the Crowne Plaza, having swept out of here looking and smelling very good. I didn't want him to leave, this is our time. But I am proud of him for always stepping out.

Greystoke is whimpering in my lap watching Veggie Tales and spitting out sticky honey nut cheerios onto the floor.

Since my last post, we celebrated Papa's birthday.
And Aquaman's. He brought donuts to school. Sticky, messy ones. Sorry Mr awesome 1st grade teacher.
Aquaman is so fun and easy to please. He tends to have one current obsession every couple of years. So far there has been trains, particularly Thomas ones when he was 2-4, Monster trucks from 4-6. And now? Miniature Legos.
The bane of my vacuuming existence.
But it is so much fun to watch him enjoy. And he can spend HOURS building and playing with them.
It's the hottest time of the year, but the end is in sight. My favorite months are quickly approaching, and so we embrace these last 6 weeks or so of stifling heat. By hitting the beach on early release day....before the storms hit.

The Dude and Greystoke remind me so much of Aquaman and The Dude at these ages. Every now and then they just really hit it off. They laugh and play and tackle each other.
This is usually right before the screaming starts.
And then....back to friends again.
Double trouble.
Aquaman had his open house at school last week. He was so excited. His journal entry that I was supposed to read when I was there said "I am so excited for you to come to open house tonight!" He made me look at every page in his math notebook and his journal. Which I LOVED too except we had Greystoke and he kept shrieking and trying to tear the pages.

Once again, God has done the amazing. He has placed Aquaman with the perfect teacher for him. He is totally thriving this year. And to top it off, his best girl friend from last year's class got unexpectedly moved into his class last week. And while I was at Open House, he was greeted at the door with a huge hug from another little girl. Ladies man.
I am making a big effort to concentrate on Greystoke during the couple hours a week I get with him while the other 2 are in school.
I just wish the playground wasn't quite so hot.
And most of the time he ends up just helping me do the things I desperately need to get done when I don't have 3 little boys under my feet.
Particularly The Dude. Since school has begun his behavior has spiraled into blackness. There have been days, quite honestly, when I have really struggled to like him.
He seems to have no self control left by the end of the school day. He finds a reason, at least once a week to make a huge scene when we are picking up Aquaman. I mean, like 2 year old style, but in a 4.5 year old big flailing and LOUD body.
From what I can tell, he holds it together fine at school. And on the weekends he is manageable, and today I would even call him downright sweet.
Some things are easier. He is a little easier to reason with. He is remembering some routines a little better. The charts help a lot...visual reminders. But wow, there are some days when I really start wondering who I am going to be unleashing on society.
There is so much pressure in parenting. But then I have to take a deep breath, ask God for guidance, and just follow Him each moment. He's got the rest.
And I have a vague recollection of feeling this exact same way about Aquaman when he was this age...Aquaman who, though he certainly has his moments of attitude, is so much easier to reason with now that he has just a few more ounces of maturity to handle his larger than life personality.
Last Saturday we took a day trip to Tampa.
The boys were amazing in the car. Greystoke hardly slept a wink, but didn't cry at all on the way there.
We met my sister C and her daughter K and spent 5 hours at the Children's Museum.
They had fun, and it was great to see my sister and niece.
But I think the hardest thing about 3 kids is you cross the point where you can really play with them into the point where you are just keeping them from hurting themselves, each other, or other people, and are following the rules. That takes like, pretty much all your time and energy.

Aquaman and The Dude's favorite part was learning how to hook up electrical circuits.
Greystoke, in his teddy bear slippers, liked the....what else....balls.
We cleared out Publix. People literally ran from my crazy boys with the shopping carts and we got the whole place to shop at our leisure.

The Dude especially loved the fire pole.
And they all loved the only ride there....the elevator.      

Aquaman may actually be getting too old for the children's museum...or at least too big and rowdy. And that thought is kind of sad.
On the way home it got dark, it rained, and the baby screamed all at the same time. But the other two were really pretty amazing. Thanks to Drammamine, no one threw up, and we all made it home in one piece. I fell into bed thinking that I was a little crazy to do that. But when I went to clean my car out in the morning, I was really fun.
Labor day came and went. More hot. More 5 minutes at the park and then we were all too sweaty.
And this week was busy...after all having the holiday off, I worked Tues and Wed, then saw a patient with Greystoke on Thurs then had CPR certification on Fri afternoon. In between there was grocery shopping and 5 days worth of laundry to put away, and 3 boys with their first colds of the season, and a 16 month old who is still so laid back but is starting to get some real opinions.
For several days out of the month around this age, I start to feel very hormonal, like my cycle is trying to start again, but then suddenly remembers that I must still have a newborn since though he sometimes to forget to nurse during the day, he still lays next to me and nurses most of the night.
I get....crabby. It's annoying. I'm happy, happy, I've even got the joy joy joy and then suddenly...MAD. I hate it, and it requires a lot of prayer to get through it, and then it is gone. But it made some of the days last week hard.
Especially when combined with The Dude's early teenage attitudes.
His soccer practice started this week. It's by a baseball field. The first night was kind of stressful because I wasn't prepared for all that....
But the game yesterday was sooo much fun. It is just the right thing for The Dude right now. Lots of positive attention, and right in his element.

Even though he has nooo clue what to do.

I think he was racing toward his own goal in this picture....

After a few well timed stiff arms, one of the other mother's suggested I should have picked football for The Dude...

Well I did it. All the pictures are over. It's still hot out, but I think Greystoke and I will do his favorite thing,.....walk.
Today it rained most of the day, and so I did one thing each boy liked with them for 20 minutes. I played Candyland with The Dude, Legos with Aquaman, and tried to take Greystoke for a walk. But it was raining and he was crabby after his nap.
We'll go try again.
And then pick up these Cheerios before the ants find them.

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