Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Break

Muddy castles in the sandbox.

Naked baby climbing the stairs for the first time, giggling at his new prowess.

The whir of the air conditioner....followed by nights so cold that even footie pajamas couldn't keep the big boys in their own beds.

Easter egg hunts at the park.

The six year old is that boy who drove me crazy at the hunts when I was little. Dashing in front of everyone else and greedily snatching every egg he could find. I made him give some back, and he hasn't stopped talking about how I knocked all the eggs out of his basket. The four year old judiciously and grandly would have given almost all of his away if I hadn't told him it was ok to keep some.

 A saver and a giver.

That sweet, tough, all-boy, but always beauty-finding saver shivering for 20 minutes in the cold at the hunt to have a butterfly painted on his face.

The first surf session of spring.

Spending time with friends and family.

We won't talk about the scene we made at Lego club (just not a good time or location for The Dude),

or how much a grocery shopping trip to Super Walmart took out of me. Or how a simple trip to drop off Aquaman's sample at the lab turned into half hour of humiliation....3 boys running wildly around the waiting room.

How I just can't get out of my head when I took them out for a few minutes to calm down, and I told The Dude that I was really frustrated with him, and how he pretended not to care, but then I turned around to see him wiping a tear from his big brown eyes. And how I had to hug him. Because he just can't seem to help himself sometimes.

A haircut that makes his eyes look even bigger, and he's growing up so big. This time he wasn't even scared of the buzzers.

The happy baby, turned serious, who now that he is feeling better, has turned happily and seriously mischievous. The words he most frequently uses are "whoa!" and "wow!" with very animated inflections.

 Usually when he is flailing himself backward on the bed or hurling a ball, or watching one of the other two do some crazy trick. After weeks and months of illness, he finally seems....well. Even though at last check there was still some fluid in his ears, and he always makes a strange snorting sound when he's eating.

Nursing that is. Because he hardly eats anything anymore. He recently had tonsillitis and stopped eating food altogether, and though he is well now, it is rare for him to eat more than a bite of anything. And then he can hold that one bite in his mouth for 20 minutes. I always think he's found a choking hazard on the floor, only to discover, with digging, that it's still his half-eaten lunch that he's chewing on.

And just like that, our wildest, most chaotic, most exhausting, and most fun spring break ever is coming to a close. My nerves are shot, and my heart is full to overflowing.

We're going to what looks to be our new church this morning. It seems that a change has been calling, and last week when we visited a church with my niece who just moved to town, Aquaman came out declaring "I learned something!", and later, in confidence came to me and said "mom, I think we need to go to a new church. I learned more about how to follow Jesus, and how to hear Jesus at this new church."
JT and I also realized that we already knew more people at the new church than we do after years in our same one. And so we go on new adventures. A new quest to learn and teach and grow together as followers of Christ.

And that's exciting.

Now onto a new week. Back to work for the first time in a couple weeks. Chaperoning Aquaman's field trip on Thursday. And another day off school on Friday to prepare for Easter.

We all seem to finally be well, though the allergic shiners have not left The Dude's eyes and the cough lingers. But we are stronger from a season of fighting. We are closer from a season of holding each other. We are ready for a new season.

Spring break is over, and spring has officially arrived.

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