Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just Pictures

I've been staring at this week's pictures hoping some inspiring words would come to me as a result, but alas, I'm coming up dry.
So I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking. There's 2 weeks worth of pictures since last week I was busy writing my goodbyes to Cozy.

The above picture shows what it's like to be a little brother. Most of the time, Greystoke is a total champion. Even here, he is being one. The Dude had just manhandled him by the arms into this very comfortable position.

Life has been crazy, and it has been good.

Saturday was the fall festival at The Dude's preschool, and Aquaman had his face painted like Batman. Here he is as Batman Claus. He did not want to wash it off, but mean mom who didn't want his sheets to be black made him.

Bah Humbug.

Sunday we made black Halloween cupcakes. They made a mess, and were a lot of fun. Aquaman said "can this be a new Halloween tradition?" And I loved how simple he is to please now. Oh, please please please can you be so happy about black cupcakes in 10 years sweet innocent boy?

Probably not.

Greystoke is starting to sit up all by himself, and Aquaman is very proud and nurturing of this new skill. He only forgot about him like once, or three times. And he only has one small bruise on his cheek from this forgetfulness.

But, like I said, he's a champ.

Sunday was Bible Hero night at Awana, and the boys were King David and little David, per their request.

Very fitting.

We're having a lot of fun, and we're getting a lot done, and we're getting nothing at all done.

This week I made the hard decision to put The Dude in preschool 5 days a week instead of 3.
I love having him home and spending time with him. But I had to be honest with myself- with all of the work that I have been doing, half the Thursday and Friday mornings he ended up watching 2 hours of tv, or going to time out 20 times while I worked on paperwork.

He loves preschool, and it is much more age appropriate than hanging out while his baby brother gums on his favorite chewy ice pack and I put away my 6th load of laundry.
Aquaman never had trouble playing by himself, but it's been hard for The Dude lately, when I am so busy and he is so used to having Aquaman around to play with.

I plan to make that 2 hours between preschool and Elementary school gets out his special time. To go over Awana stuff (so he can say his own verses without Aquaman beating him to it), or swing on the swings. Whatever he wants to do.

Greystoke is growing up.

He sleeps maybe, max, a couple hours at a time in his bed. Some nights he spends half of it in ours.

During the day he takes 3 20-30 minute naps.

And he's happy as can be.

And so am I.

Weird thing is, I don't even really feel that tired anymore from it.

I kind of just love every minute of it.

Aquaman got his 1st TK1 report card last week- awesome as usual.

He also, randomly, just up and decided to ride a 2 wheeler, even though I had recently decided he probably never would, and that I didn't care.

I just love how he surprises me sometimes.

I mean, just when I think he has a mental health issue, or anger management problem, he will do the most mature and kind and amazing thing.

I am excited about watching him grow up. He's going to be quite an interesting young man.

The Dude too, but given he's in the 3 yr old stage right now, I'm mostly just hoping to keep him out of jail someday.

Aim high, that's what I always say.

While they loved the pumpkin patch, they were all totally unimpressed by my attempts to take a picture of them.

Seriously? How DO people get all these awesome look at the camera pictures? Do they stand on their heads, or bribe them with candy?

We have an old mattress of ours that ended up on the living room floor on its way out to the trash can.

And we have a bedroom full of the cutest boys I've ever seen.

And it's almost Halloween.

And we're happy.
We're messy, and tired and unsure of ourselves.
But we're really really happy.

That's all I've got.

It's time to carve some pumpkins with my pumpkin haired boys.

(in other news, Greystoke is still mostly bald, but his eyelashes seem to be coming in red :))

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