Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday, School Production, and a Banquet

It's been an eventful week.

3 important things happened this week:

1) The Dude officially turned 3. So far, I like 3 on him. I'm sure 3.5 will be a different story.

2) Aquaman had his first school performance. I knew he was going to find a way to stand out\, but I have to admit, as always, I was impressed with his creativity in accomplishing it.

3) USLA put on their yearly awards banquet, which was in Brevard County this year, since Brevard was voted Beach Patrol of the Year for 2013.

Let's start with 3, which is actually #1. 3 is scared of monsters. It has vivid dreams about white monsters with big human teeth and no eyes, and scary little girls with pink shirts who growl at you.
But 3 is pretty easily convinced that dogs, like Cozy, like to eat monsters.
3 is surprisingly agreeable and easy to reason with. Except when it's not. And then it has to be removed from the situation quickly.
3 uses the potty, most of the time. Except when it decides to pee on top of a dresser or some other weird place.
It loves big brothers almost as much as it loves Mommys. And Daddys. It loves broadly and liberally. Except when it doesn't.

And then there are first kindergarten performances. Which are supposed to be full of charm and photogenic moments. But when you have a clever and unique little boy like ours, he finds a way to outsmart the whole system. He says he's shy, but I don't know if that really defines it entirely.

He finds a way to look different. And rather than being ashamed of his differences, he basks in them.
I love his teacher. She is not in the slightest annoyed by his lack of conformity. On the contrary, she appears to find it adorable. She is just the kind of teacher that he needed this year. How amazing God is.

The awards banquet was a true pleasure. Good food and awesome company. The retired pro football quarterback who enjoys surfing in JT's zone and has befriended him came to the banquet with signed footballs and raffled them off to raise money for the charity the lifeguards support. He provided much of the entertainment for the night.
JT got to accept the award for the lifeguards' placing 2nd in this year's competition, and they all went up to claim the "Beach Patrol of the Year."

"Up until now, you have been looking to the other agencies, but from now on, they will look to you."

It's been a long and often difficult road for JT, even as much as he loves his job. But being a part of the grassroots of the year-round program has been so meaningful. Watching him last night, even despite all of the struggles of it, was knowing that he is exactly where he is supposed to be. It feels really good.

It was also pretty fun to have an excuse to dress up and go out together.

And today. Today I'm tired. Daylight savings time occurred on the night that we didn't get to bed until almost midnight. The boys spent the night at the grandparents since we were out so late, so it was uninterrupted sleep, but still too short.

JT went back to work, no doubt truly exhausted. The boys and I went to church, with them crying all the way as they always do. But smiling when I picked them up.

And now there is a pile of dirty lunch dishes in the sink, and the boys are watching Daniel Tiger, because it was time for a few minutes of *me* time. The week preparations need to begin, and work is going to be a doozy this week. I love that I haven't even thought about it the past 4 days.

Today we made homemade laundry detergent for the first time, and a loaf of banana bread. And had a lunch picnic, and read all of our library books until we were too hot to stay outside anymore.

My head hurts, and my to do list is only about 25% checked off. (why do I continue to bother with those things?)

But the important things in life are spinning around just fine. 2 of them are sitting on the couch. One is naked. Both are dirtier than I'd like them to be.
One is sitting on a tower at the beach under an umbrella, trying to avoid the sun. Or maybe on a paddle board patrolling the ocean.
One is surprisingly quiet inside of me right now. He's probably tired from kicking me in the ribs after last night's chocolate raspberry cake.

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  1. I'm thanking the Lord for the joy in your post and that He knew just the four boys to ,put in your life.