Saturday, February 15, 2014

Anything Like Me

This week's blog post is going to have consist primarily of a video montage I created a couple days ago: mainly because it was a spur of the moment decision: heard the song on the radio, suddenly wanted to put it to pictures, did, while both kids screamed for my attention. Oh, and the laundry piled up on the couch. So yesterday I dealt with the house and gave the kids a bit more attention. And today...well I don't know what today will hold. But I hope it holds a trip to the beach, a lot of story reading, and hopefully a few minutes to start sorting baby clothes...

This week 3rd trimester has hit. That little window where pregnancy is wonderful seems to have eluded me. There's no room in my stomach anymore so I am mostly nauseous all the time. Exhausted, but hard to sleep since I have to pee every hour and my back hurts. Mostly just feeling incredibly awkward, and bit helpless, when down on the floor with 2 little boys. I miss my agility. Thank goodness pregnancy is a short term disability. The list of things to do pile up higher and higher every day, and I only make a dent in them. Knowing how busy things will be when a 3rd child arrives makes me a little panicky. Then I remember that for me, having a newborn is easier than being pregnant. My energy and nursing hormones spur me on. Not to mention the incredible joy of getting to know the new little person in our family.

It won't be without its bumps. I was reminded of Aquaman's initial hatred for his little brother this week at bedtime when The Dude announced: "I want to take that baby out of your tummy and throw it in the trash can!" Then again, I think I'll be less offended by that this time. These days, they're best friends. And who could blame Aquaman for hating the tiny little intruder that couldn't interact in any way but took everyone's attention from him?

This week my maternity leave and return to work after the leave on an even-more-part-time basis was finalized. I will officially return to work only 2 days a week after this little guy comes. I am intensely relieved, and also slightly terrified. But I know it is the right thing. Early in my pregnancy, trying to figure out how we would deal with childcare, my immediate thought was that 2 days a week would be the easiest way to work it out. I didn't even mention it to JT though because I wasn't sure how he would react. But sure enough, a couple weeks later, he came home from work and announced that he thought the best thing to do when the baby comes is for me to work only 2 days a week. There is nothing quite like the peace of confirmation. 

And so here we are. The day after Valentine's Day. JT's parents signed up to keep both boys overnight last night so we could have a date, and true to our style, we got Panera take out and a Redbox and stayed home. It was lovely. We had full conversations, we took our time, and when our DVD player wouldn't work, we both looked at each other and asked if the other wanted to just go to bed. Then we looked at the clock: 7:45 pm. And then we went to bed. It was heavenly.

This morning it was back to reality. JT rushing out the door at 6:15 to be at a seasonal lifeguard training session. Me taking the dog out for a walk and cleaning up poop off he floor. Then, I took a shower, came back downstairs....and cleaned more poop off the floor.

Ahhh, life (and it is a good thing we have tile). 

So, without further ado, here is the video I made this week: 

I love you, JT. I love our boys. I hope every one of them turns out just like you. The world will be a better place for it.

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