Saturday, August 24, 2013

Along for the ride

It's been a great week. A busy week, an adjusting week.

A surprising week.

But a strangely peaceful one.

The boys seem to be adjusting to daycare. Enough so that The Dude managed to be involved in a soapy bathroom flooding incident with another little boy. He doesn't cry at drop off, just scrambles off for muffins. But he still greets me with an enthusiastic: "mommy WILL come back!" in the afternoons.
Obviously, he is processing a little change anxiety though, since he has been waking up frequently at night, and crying: "I want my mommy!!" Which he has never done before.

It's been hardest on Aquaman. Never one for new situations, or crowds, or loud noises, he often comes home and completely falls apart. We've learned that a 10 minute shower by himself when he comes home is a good cure. I think by next year, he is going to be thrilled to go to kindergarten and leave the babies.

For now he's enjoying a little extra brother time.
Life is getting busier.
I knew this year would be a year of change and growth, but I had no idea what kind of changes they would actually be. I guess I thought there'd be a firefighter job for JT, maybe paramedic school. But instead, I'm gearing up for job #2, the boys are starting daycare, and well....something else quite unexpected.
Funnily enough, I find that the thing we most thought we wanted to change...JT's ocean rescue feels like a very comforting and predictable stability in light of all the rest of the changes.
And that's probably why I've had so much peace this week.
Because I'm realizing that sometimes, I have no idea what God's plans are, or what His will is, even though I presume to know.

And that really and truly, it's better that way.

My plans were never that great anyway. And things are unfolding on a unique and beautiful path.
All we have to do is go along for the ride.

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