Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sometimes the biggest blessings are the unplanned ones. Last minute, due to the eagerness of this year's seasonal staff, JT was granted a 4 day weekend this Easter weekend. It has been better than any intricately planned vacation.
There were train rides at the mall, burritos and trucks in the sand at Dakine's, and lots and lots of outdoor fun, including multiple trips to the beach. This totally made up for Christmas, when JT got 10 days off of school and had to work 9 of them.
Aquaman got in a little surf practice with Daddy, and The Dude ate a lot of sand and pancakes.
Holiday fun was much more exciting this year, now that Aquaman can get into it. He was an expert Easter egg dyer.
He looks pleased, doesn't he?
One of my favorite new "traditions" was making resurrection rolls together. Start out with a marshmallow, clean and white as sinless Jesus. Roll it in melted butter (embalming oils), and cinnamon/sugar (embalming spices), then wrap it tight in a crescent roll (sealed in the tomb) and bake for 10 minutes.
When they come out of the oven...Jesus is gone, He is risen! The tomb is empty!
Like many of us, as we read the stories together, Aquaman only wanted to read the story of Jesus's death once. But he asked for the story of His rising to be read upwards of 5 times. :-)
Last night, after the boys passed out at 7:30 pm due to a day packed with outdoor adventures, JT and I finished our evening with a Downtown Abbey viewing (man, I love netflix), and then headed to bed. As we were falling asleep, JT said "man, having kids is really fun, isn't it?"
I can't tell you what that meant to me. I know parenting is hard for guys sometimes. They spend so much time at work, they're tired, the kids are all out of their routines when they are home. I know the boys have been fulfiilling to him. Rewarding, absolutely. But until this weekend, I didn't know he knew how much fun they can be.
And there'll be more to come today with easter baskets, an Easter service at the park and Easter fun with both sets of grandparents at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Truly a weekend to remember.

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