Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolution #3

The coupon resolution is going well, despite some hiccups related to the learning curve. Here is my first receipt showing my accomplishments. **disclaimer** as mentioned before I am not aiming for title of "extreme couponer" and hoarding a bunch of things I can't possible use. I was tempted to buy 20 pounds of Uncle Ben's brown rice this week, but I controlled myself and put it back on the shelf.

This receipt claims that I saved $45.27, $11.75 of this being directly from coupons. Not bad for my first week, AND I am most proud of the fact that these are all things I would have bought anyway. Except the Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese by Kraft. Aquaman lives for Velveeta shells and cheese, and I thought I could fool him, but he was not fooled. He ate absolutely nothing for dinner last night because these noodles had a "bumpy" texture that he was not ok with. He is, however, none the worse for wear this morning.
JT and The Dude loved the macaroni. Not that The Dude has a very discerning palate. This is the child who, on a recent trip to Jason's Deli, barked his orders at the salad bar by yelling "DAT, DAT, DAT" at the fresh dirt-flavored beets. He also ate cold mushroom barley pilaf for lunch two days in a row. Oh, and he likes to pick food out of the garbage can when I'm not looking. I don't think JT is above this either.
I have decided, after a lot of wasted time and few false starts combined with research, to focus my couponing energy on Publix with the help of the I Heart Publix blog. As I get more efficient, I may branch out to some drug stores as these seem small and manageable. Wal-Mart was too overwhelming for me. I did get 12 rolls of Bounty Basic for $9 at Target last week, so that was a pretty good score. I'll keep an eye out there as well.
For the mid-week grocery trip, I went to Aldis for milk, eggs, and some more produce. All in all, we did save a total of $45 this week from our usual food budget. Nevermind that poor Aquaman went to bed hungry one night. He drank his berry/veggie smoothie at least.
This stuff can get a little addictive, so I am definitely going to have to use self control. It defeats the whole purpose to save money if I am missing out on playing with my kids, or if I am barking at The Dude for trying to eat my coupons. I've surprisingly found it to be a bonding experience with Aquaman though, as he likes to help with just about anything. And I even managed to do my shopping and checking out with both boys in tow. Having 2 shrieking redheads in the cart makes that awkward moment of pulling out 10 coupons a little more bearable.


  1. I try to coupon as much as possible, too. Sometimes I'm better at it than others, depending on how much time I find to devote to it. But I agree - who needs 75 cans of soup in the pantry!? Have you ever heard of couponmom.com? A couple of my friends told me about it and I found it to be pretty helpful. It helps match manufacturer coupons to sales in your local grocery stores - helps find the best deals. Once I was able to get pasta and sauce for free with store sale plus a coupon (that was exciting). There is a short video tutorial to watch on the site, which helped me a lot because otherwise I found the site to be totally overwhelming. I shop a lot at Target for my non-foods and there is a section on the site where you can print Target store coupons, which are helpful to me and actually are for things that I buy. Sometimes w/ manufacturer coupons I get discouraged because I don't buy most of the things they offer coupons for (most of the processed food items). But with that being said, it's worth the time to coupon and it can save some money. Mostly I just try to watch store sales (10 for $10, love those!) and plan my meals for the week and use up ingredients without wasting. But man, it all takes time and as you know, time is limited these days! At least Asher likes to help you - Anna runs off with my coupons to start a new game of grocery store and Emily just wants to eat them. =)

  2. So true about the manufacture coupons! actually this week i ended up only finding $1 worth of coupons that were useful and coinciding with sales...BUT just using the sales flyer i spent $100 and saved $81! so just better planning definitely helps. i get the sunday newspaper too which has the target sales and coupons listed...i did use them the first week b/c they have the coupon for fresh meat/veggies/fruit which are awesome! i will check out couponmom. i like the i heart publix because i am trying not to spend too much time on this and want to mainly stick to one store...and publix is awesome for savings because they have all te BOGO. Thanks for reading Laura, hope you guys are doing well!